Last Update: 1 April 2018 (Publications, Members)


Recognition and Processing of Spoken Language by Computer

Takagi Kazuyuki, Dr.Eng.

Spoken language is an important medium of communication between humans. It is also expected to be useful in human-machine interaction and communication systems. We are studying language recognition, and speech recognition, expecting that these techniques will lay the foundations of communication media.

keywords: speech recognition, natural language processing, pattern recognition, machine learning

OPAL-RING (Japanese)

Future perspective

  • Human friendly man-machine interface
    • operation of machines with voice
    • aids for the elderly and the handicapped
  • Talking with robots
    • dialogue with secretary robots, household robots
  • Supports for communication between different languages and cultures
    • speech translation systems
  • Information retrieval from speech media
    • automatic summarization of lectures and broadcast programs
    • information search by speech
  • Integration with other media
    • integration with image or motion picture
    • natural synchronization of computer graphics and speech